“Matured with the same high standards of quality used for our great classified growths, 2 Vignobles Capdemourlin, combining pleasure and elegance, will reveal the very finest features of our terroir...”

- Thierry Capdemourlin




Saint-Emilion is the cradle of the Capdemourlin family, who have devoted themselves to winegrowing here for over 400 years. The Capdemourlins have given their name to a locality in Saint-Emilion where the family has lived since at least as far back as the 16th century.

Genealogical research shows that Antoine, known as Tony Capdemourlin was christened in Saint-Emilion on September 15th 1617. He is also listed as having sold barrels of wine in a register kept by the Jurade, or council of town alderman, in 1647..

There have been several remarkable family members in more recent times :
Amédée, born in the late 19th century, established the Crédit Agricole in Saint-Émilion. His sons, Jean and Roger, were founder members of the Jurade de Saint-Émilion, the region's vinous brotherhood, in 1948 (Jean was the first Premier Jurat) and they were respectively presidents of the Syndicat Viticole de Saint-Émilion and the Syndicat Viticole de Montagne Saint-Émilion.
Jacques, the son of Roger Capdemourlin, is a worthy successor, with major responsibilities with both the Syndicat Viticole and the Jurade de Saint-Émilion, of which he is presently the Premier Jurat.

The Capdemourlin family is deeply rooted in Saint-Émilion, and has long been involved in contributing to the common good of local winegrowers.
A trip to Saint-Emilion, including a walk around the medieval village and a visit of several vineyards, makes this attachment easy to understand. This region has not only a superb architectural heritage and lovely landscapes - it also makes some of the world's finest wines...

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